Internship and Volunteers

At APMM we’re always searching for interns and volunteers who wish to broaden and deepen their understanding of migration and the realities of migrants.

Our internship program combines regular discussions, actual practice
and direct integration with migrant workers to enable the learning of
interns and volunteers on the economic, political, social and cultural
dimensions of migration.

Our internship program both responds to the immediate and ever-present
need to supplement our regular staff for APMM’s programs and activities,
as well as contributing to the strategic thrust of increasing the advocate base for
grassroots migrants in the region and even elsewhere.

Currently, the APMM have a partnership for intern placements with the
General Board for Global Ministries (GBGM) of the United Methodist Church (USA), “Social Innovation Internship”, and the “3 Campus Comparative East Asian
Studies Programme” of Hong Kong University, the New School in New
York (USA), and University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Interested parties can apply to be an intern or volunteer by sending
us an email expressing the intention to do so (; .


Founded in 1984, the APMM is a registered non-profit limited company with charitable status in Hong Kong. 

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