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Asia Pacific Mission for Migrant Filipinos (APMMF) was founded as a pioneer in grassroots movement building in the APME region. It was founded in response to the growing number of Filipinos leaving their families behind to find work and eke out a living abroad. It was the partnership of the Mission for Migrant Workers, the National Council of Churches in the Philippines and the Anglican mission of St. John’s Cathedral.



Establishment of Migrante International, a global alliance of Filipino migrant      organizations.


After an in-depth evaluation APMMF was converted into Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM), and established as a regional research, advocacy, and movement building organization for the Asia Pacific and Middle East (APME) regions. It is a registered non-profit limited company with charitable status in Hong Kong.



Establishment of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA), the first global alliance of grassroots organizations of migrants, refugees and displaced peoples. It believes in the strength of the migrant workers themselves to take up issues, lead and win campaigns, and engage with governments both at the national and international levels. The IMA’s line is very apt – “For many years, others have spoken in our behalf, now we can speak for ourselves”.


APMM celebrated it’s 30-year milestone in conjunction with Bethune House by holding a public programme with migrants in Hong Kong, and releasing a key video highlighting its achievements over the years.



Founded in 1984, the APMM is a registered non-profit limited company with charitable status in Hong Kong. 


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