Who we are

A pioneer in grassroots migrant movement building in the Asia Pacific and Middle East region

Founded in 1984, the Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants is a regional institution supporting empowerment of migrants and their movement-building through advocacy and lobbying, education and research, and organizing and network-building.

We believe that empowered migrants are central in upholding migrants’ rights, instituting policies favorable to them and their families, and contributing to development that serves the people’s interests. For more than three decades, we have been with grassroots migrants in Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions, working with migrant organizations, migrant-serving institutions, and migrants' rights advocates across various sections of society like trade unions, faith based institutions and women's organizations. 

In Hong Kong, the APMM is a registered non-profit limited company with charitable status.

Our mission

“We dream of a society where families are not broken up by their urgent need to survive. We dream of and will actively work for a homeland where there is opportunity for everyone to live a decent and humane life.”

Our vision

We envision a strong movement of migrants of different nationalities in Asia Pacific and Middle East (APME), actively defending their rights, advancing solidarity with people’s movements in the countries where they are working, and linking up with their people’s movements in their home countries.


Founded in 1984, the APMM is a registered non-profit limited company with charitable status in Hong Kong. 

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