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The Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM) is a regional center committed to supporting the migrant movement through advocacy, organizing and building linkages for the advancement of migrants’ rights.
Established in 1984, the APMM conducts research, trainings and conferences, advocacy and lobbying side by side migrant organizations in Asia Pacific and the Middle East to defend migrants’ rights, strengthen links and solidarity among them and with their local counterparts, and address the root causes of forced migration.
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population of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong

Our Programmes

Core Programs

Advocacy and campaigns

Education and research

Organizing and networking

Women's program


Development and forced migration

Domestic work as work

Marriage migrants

Undocumented migrants

Migrant trade unionism

Get Involved

We welcome interns and volunteers willing to work on the issue of migration and with migrant workers.
We hope you find our work rewarding. If you like, please make a contribution to the ongoing efforts of our work.
We support campaigns of migrants and advocate for their inclusion in processes like the Global Compact on Migration.

Upcoming Events

July 2021

Advancing the implementation of the Global Compact for Migration – Key lessons learned from the GCM regional review processes – inputs from the Asia-Pacific and Europe regions

8 July 2021, 7:30 -9:00 pm (Manila)
Building on the recently held Asia-Pacific and European GCM Reviews and examples of implementation from GCM champion countries, panelists will highlight achievements, challenges and next steps in line with achieving the 2030 Agenda and with a view to the IMRF in 2022. Moreover, in keeping with this year’s HLPF theme, the event will address COVID-19’s impact on migrants and their families. The APMM is one of the panelists.
July 2021

National Consultation of Bangladeshi Migrants in Destination Countries

9 July 2021 (Friday) 7;00-8:30PM (Dhaka time)
The APMM joins Films4Peace Foundation, Awaj Foundation, BOMSA and Cox's Bazar Probashi Forum in organising the National Consultation of Bangladeshi Migrants in Destination Countries. Here, migrants will share their issues, demands and recommendations in advancing their rights and dignity and protect them from exploitation, trafficking and abuse. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.

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Latest Blog

APMM's Rey Asis provided input on activating grassroots migrants' participation in GCM regional review processes in the Virtual Side Event during the High Level Political Forum last July 8. 

APMM's Rey Asis gave an intervention on behalf of the Asia Pacific Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism during Session 2 of the High Level Political Forum on "Ensuring No One Is Left Behind."

The APMM releases the research on undocumented migrant workers, entitled "No Contracts, No Rights: Undocumented Indonesian and Filipino Migrant Workers in Malaysia Before and During the


Founded in 1984, the APMM is a registered non-profit limited company with charitable status in Hong Kong. 

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